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V Booster Set 09: Butterfly dMoonlight Booster Box

V Booster Set 09: Butterfly d'Moonlight Booster Box

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  • Description

    ・Featuring 5 VRs (Vanguard Rare)!  "Vampire Princess of Night Fog, Nightrose", "Masked Magician, Harri", "Silver Thorn Dragon Empress, Venus Luquier", "Scharhrot Vampir", and "Stealth Rogue of Revelation, Yasuie" are confirmed! ・Introducing a new marker for the Granblue clan!  Decks involving the new gimmick can be built with just RRR or below cards! ・Same gorgeous specifications as V-BT08 "Silverdust Blaze"!  Ratio of VR/RRR is increased! VR/RRR cards featured as SP cards will have special treatment!  Also, includes "SP Clan Pack"!